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Learn SELF THERAPY - How To Use Your
Energy, Effort and Enthusiasm to Pull Yourself Up,
Spiritually and Economically.

Gain High Self Esteem and PURPOSE, then ...


I can Teach YOU, if YOU are willing!

Yes, even an Old head.

WE must first be willing to lay a SOLID FOUNDATION in our LIFE and then build upon that FOUNDATION. If YOU are the person reading this who says to themselves. I don't need this program because I already have a SOLID FOUNDATION and I got it all together. This Offer still applies to YOU.  YOU then are the cream of the crop and can be easily trained once YOU get out of your own way. Why? Absolutely NO one is offering a program that is as informative and empowering as this! YOU can't know, what YOU don't know or haven't been exposed too.

This is How YOU become a High Value Person!

Luke 6:47-49
Everyone who comes to me and hears my words and does them. I will show you what he is like: he is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock. And when a flood arose, the stream broke against that house and could not shake it, because it had been well built. But the one who hears and does not do them is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. When the stream broke against it, immediately it fell, and "the ruin of that house was great."

Then YOU ask, please define a SOLID FOUNDATION? It is the Process of gaining the insight and Skill Set required to address and handle almost any Spiritual, Family, Investment and/or Business related decision. YOU must take the time to learn fundamental Critical Thinking Skills, which is defined here as Formal Knowledge combined with Common Sense.

This equates to superior POWER.

YOU will be able to spot Red Flags that cause a person to deviate from the true path God has for their LIFE. Laying a solid foundation before starting to build upon anything is a Universal Law of nature. Just as the Law of Unity is a Universal Law of nature. The cart doesn't go before the horse and there is something called gravity. When YOU die,  and if you come back to LIFE, then YOU are a Zombie. Other example(s), NOT LIVING according to God's Commandments as a foundation for one's LIFE leads to immoral and corrupt behavior; also NOT having a building PLAN before attempting to build a structure will end up in disaster; also NOT understanding a contract before signing will end up in disaster; NOT studying before taking a test will end up in disaster; also NOT entering into a complicated financial agreement without having an attorney review it; and also NOT relying on your cousin Pookie and/or RayRay for legal advice. Pay NOW or Pay Later; or a female getting pregnant by a man who can't even pay their own rent and does NOT have a LIFE PLAN for themselves. This is not possessing a good FOUNDATION with YOU and the Child in mind. These are a few examples where a person's Critical Thinkings Skills should kick in. Each scenario is putting a down payment on future misery and frustration if one is lacking the requisite FOUNDATION. All of these are disasters waiting to happen because there was NO PREPARATION therefore, there can be NO FOUNDATION.

In order to lay a proper FOUNDATION in your LIFE. YOU MUST become something NEW. YOU must break down and/or modify Old behavior (humility) and LITERALLY conquer YOUR Cognitive Dissonance (Prior Indoctrination).

When YOU are done with this process, which is graduating from this condensed Program, where I take 40 years of Personal and Professional Experience and compress it into 18 months of intensive study. YOU must make this course a way of LIFE, incorporating it into your DNA, year after year through continued discipline and dedication. It's like weekly bible study but much, much more because this information is usable in LIFE. YOU can then move into a NEW building (Your Renewed Mind) with NEW skills with your Talents polished AND ready for a brand NEW Strategic Outlook on LIFE.

Why will it be difficult? Metaphorically speaking, it's like putting a NEW Foundation under a building that has already been built. Difficult, because a person can not know, what they don't know and most people refuse to change AND learn in order to grow, but still expect superior results doing the same thing over and over again. For optimal results, YOU would have to tear the Old building down, in order to start all over again. The objective is NOT to throw away or minimize your valuable LIFE lessons and already existing talents, but to polish and refine them for better and more productive use. This program will take your talents and skills to the next level.

My only objective is to help your Dreams to come true.

This is why it is better to Train up a Child, starting very young, as they should go, before their foundation has been set in stone. Cognitive Dissonance is the Demon of Ignorance preventing us from learning something more practical and beneficial for our existence from others who know more in a particular area. Don't just look in the mirror, look at the larger community around YOU. The Tree is NOT bearing good Fruit. We only have one LIFE, so shouldn't WE Strive together in order to maximize our talents in search of our Spiritual PURPOSE while on this short journey called LIFE?

Once YOU provide your email address below, your Journey will begin.  Check Your Spam!

If you are already on my Mailing List. I will need YOU to verify your continued interest.  I need to create a better profile of YOU. So, if YOU do NOT respond, for whatever reason. YOU will be purged from my email list because your profile is not complete, and I will have to assume that you are not interested at this time. YOU can always rejoin later by submitting this form. Those interested, Check your Spam and Create a folder and save the emails being sent. This way YOU will have a record when YOU decide to move forward. Sometimes it takes a while for an individual to take the ACTION needed to improve their LIFE. 

This is a three (3) Tier Ministry:

(1) The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity - Spiritual Purpose in LIFE;
(2) University In Your Home - Boardwalk School of Economics in the Creation, Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth; and
(3) Boardwalk Management and Investment Group - Business and Legal Department.

This is a Non Denominational Transformative Ministry for the
21st Century and beyond. The goal is to put a superior learning experience into every home. YOU and your children need to understand how to survive and compete in a capitalist society and stop being victimized because YOU did NOT have access to the right information in order to succeed. This curriculum will transform your children into better students because they will gain vision and insight into their LIFE journey, discovering the importance of Education, Discipline and this Mentorship Program.

Set aside at least 10% of the time spent working for others and work for yourself. Spend 3-4 hours a week for individual, Family, and Group Study. This Movement is designed to close the Wealth Gap and gradually move YOU to the front of the line. People Power, the 99% vs. the 1%.

Knowledge is only Powerful when YOU can do something with it.

YOU are a Temple. Therefore, YOU should have Inner Peace; and YOU should THRIVE in Prosperity. The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity Ministry is designed to be your Spiritual Hospital and Therapist. NO MORE Depression. This is what Depression really is, it is a person NOT living within their PURPOSE. It will cause YOU to lose your Mind because YOU refuse to listen to your inner voice. This is why our children today are in despair, mental health issues and bullying is on the rise because they are NOT being properly engaged and taught their true Inner PURPOSE. The undeveloped Spiritual Mind is the Devils Workshop.

This is a poor Parenting Issue!

If YOU decide to participate, I will repair this Colonial INDOCTRINATION and show YOU how to FREE your Mind in order to take back your POWER from the Strong Man's House. The Strong Man's House is defined as any barrier in your LIFE that is keeping YOU from realizing your full potential. The barrier could be religion, abusive or over bearing parents, bullying, drug abuse, poor education, poor decision making skills, lack of motivation, cognitive dissonance, low self esteem, foster care, even a criminal background etc. It doesn't matter. The only requirement is your Desire, Determination and Dedication to change and your drive to strive for excellence. YOU will be inspired and motivated, until that flickering flame that now exists, will grow into a burning torch in your spirit. and when YOU are ready. YOU can begin once you feel inspired and empowered enough to begin your NEW journey. I recommend starting anyway and your inspiration will catch up with YOU.

YOU have hundreds of videos, podcasts and biweekly group meetings to help till the soil of your Mind and supplement your learning experience. This material will assist YOU to heal and transform into a NEW reality.

YOU will develop a NEW and EMPOWERED Mind.

My University In Your Home - Boardwalk School of Economics Ministry consists of over 40 years of LIFE experience in Spiritual, Family, Financial/Cost Analysis, Business Management, Litigation and Estate Planning. I give YOU a complete blue print in Wealth Literacy NOT Consumerism Financial Literacy which is a subset of Wealth Literacy.

Your LIFE will be given true PURPOSE which is rebuilding your Temple, making YOU a Creator. A truly NEW Creation, what traditional religion has failed to do.

It would be Wise of YOU to take the TIME to investigate this great opportunity. If YOU can't recognize such a Life Changing Opportunity as that being offered to YOU at this moment. YOU are the one that definitely needs to begin this Ministry. THIS IS MANDATORY LEARNING for our Community. This is why, I have made it so cost effective because once we all know this information. A New Day begins. Plus YOU must be involved in your own liberation. YOU will learn that no one can save YOU, but YOU. So, it would be WISE of YOU to Learn from a professional who has your best interests at heart. A Smart person learns from their own experiences which can take a lifetime; while a Wise person learns from the experiences of qualified professionals which will shorten the learning curve dramatically by decades.

This is why, WE go to school and need a MENTOR, but just NOT any MENTOR. I'm teaching YOU to lead but first YOU must learn to follow.

Now, YOU have a 21st Century Ministry for you and your Family at your disposal that (1) Transforms, (2) Educates and (3) Pays. A Fair Exchange is NOT Robbery. A Ministry that is no longer a One-Way Transaction. This MINISTRY is an investment in your Spiritual and Economic LIFE. A Ministry that Empowers. YOU will develop a LIFE PLAN which directs YOU in the proper Direction. Broad is the path to destruction, but narrow is the road to eternal LIFE.

A Guide to reaching your heavenly and earthly PURPOSE.

Parents this is a real support system that will help YOU to raise Powerful and Productive Children who learn early how to take care of themselves when they are ready to leave home. What a valuable gift of Personal Growth and Professional Development for your entire clan. YOU will be trained to be a real Boss and the CEO of your LIFE with loving compassion for family, friends and neighbors and the ability to profit by helping others to do the same.

Make this Ministry your Own

No longer listening to a middleman who tells YOU to wait for a mystical LIFE after Death to receive your heavenly reward. The anti-Christ is a Pagan Death Cult involving cannibalism and blood rituals to cleanse your soul under the guise of the Good News called Religion. This is why God told us NOT to idle worship because who would put a middleman between YOU and him. Living an abundant Christ Conscious LIFE, requires a personal relationship straight to God as Yeshua/Jesus directed us to do. Christ was an example. He was a Man who was beaten and crucified and left for dead, but he got UP and recovered, then the world changed! Not really, the change part. However, his LIFE is a message for our lives today and NOT the bastardized version that the colonizers have given to us. Christ tells us that, WE too can get UP and make a difference even though YOU may have been beaten down and left for dead.

However, it's NOT just about YOU, it's about the larger community. YOU/WE will learn how to Resurrect ourselves in order to take back our POWER and Learn to LIVE our Best Life, as a Creator and NOT a Destroyer. 

John 10:10 says, The thief cometh not, but that he may steal, and kill, and destroy: I came that YOU may have LIFE, and may have it abundantly.

Jesus Ministry is based upon LIFE and NOT death. YOU see, these NEW on the scene religious teachings are the true anti-christ. Old Testament teachings are over 6,000 years old vs. New Testament teaching of 600 years old. Therefore, YOU must be able able to live your LIFE according to the wheat (Truth) and NOT the chaff (Deception) found in the Scriptures, whether if YOU are a believer or NOT. If YOU live a LIFE of truth and righteousness, death will take care of itself! YOU will hear these words, "Well done my good and faithful servant." I will teach YOU what the Bible actually says, about your Salvation and NOT the colonial version designed to keep your heads bowed and backs bent in submission. Jesus was an activist and a scholar, so let us learn the true meaning of the bible and how to become activists and scholars in our own lives, in order to help ourselves and others to take back their POWER. 

2 Timothy 2:15 - Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a "workman" that need not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

There is Truth and there is Fiction, Mysticism, Enchantments and the casting of spells. We were placed under an Enchantment allowing us to be hoodwinked and bamboozled. It's time for us to FREE ourselves from this tyranny of Oppression. When slavery ended the enslaved took slavery with them, in the form of the Slave Master's Religion which reinforced being submissive and obedient. The problem/opportunityWE all face is that the enslaved Mind refuses to leave the Strong Man's House. The Churched! These false teachings are everywhere.

Learn How YOU can take back your POWER?

Learn more by visiting my website(s) at www.powerthroughunity.org and www.boardwalklifeplan.com. This is a Critical Thinking Program that trains YOU and your Children in the why and what it means to LIVE a Profitable Life. Train your Children to appreciate Knowledge, so when they graduate High School they will be able to earn a Living and legally compete in society being able to evaluate profitable opportunities as they arise. The question now arises, can the Parent reading this, identify profitable opportunities? This course should be replaced with your children taking college courses while in high school. Do this course first because it will be more valuable.

This is a Profitable Opportunity for the Strong in Spirit amongst us; and we will come back for the children of the weak who just don't get it, blocking the blessings of their children. Don't prevent your children from becoming their best selves. Try a different approach to Empowerment.

YOU will learn what it means to be Spiritual and the importance of Wealth Literacy Training in the Creation, Accumulation and Preservation of Generational Wealth vs. Consumer Financial Literacy which is premised on consumerism which is merely selling YOU products and services that may or may not fit into your overall Investment strategy keeping YOU in debt bondage.

Everyone wants wealth and prosperity, but are YOU willing to take the necessary ACTION in your own LIFE to make this happen. Note: If YOU got it going on, remember your children must be properly trained. Get Out of their WAY, because I guarantee YOU. YOU do not know this information! And just having Money is a good start, but it is NOT enough and especially if your MIND is NOT right.

This is a Reparations Ministry to Empower Individuals and Our Larger  COMMUNITY to become good stewards in order to take care of ourselves, and each other while learning to
Thrive in the spirit of UNITY.

However, this Ministry requires READING, and Studying brand NEW information designed to break through MENTAL BARRIERS. Success requires, a strong Desire, Dedication and Determination to Invest in and improve Self, in order to RISE and reap the benefits being offered. I wish I had access to this information before I left home at the age of 18.

Now, YOU have Brand NEW Boots with Shoelaces
to "pull yourself UP" my Friends. 


Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair, Esq.
At Your Service

When YOU visit my website see "Background of your Mentor."
Let's Create a Spiritual Movement in the Creation, Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth

P.S. - As a Minister, the spiritual component is important because it is a prerequisite in order for me to provide this empowering information to YOU basically for free. Without this spiritual component there can be no LOVE and COMPASSION in our learning to work together in UNITY.

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